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FST Enclosure Integrity Test Kits, Price List, October 2022

TEC-2003-D1000 FST Digital Enclosure Integrity Test Kit with NEW DG 1000 Gauge

Complete test package featuring the Minneapolis Blower Door with the DG-1000 Digital Gauge, Model 3 Blower Door Fan with A, B, C flow rings, FST Special Large Commercial Adjustable Door Frame and nylon panel with window, ZTS-800 Smoke Point Leak Finder, EIT Quick Test Intl. software, Detailed Test  Manual and full NFPA Calibration Certificates  - $ 6695.00
Add for 220v/50Hz-  $230.00

EIT Quick Test Intl, software and manual

Covers all NFPA 2001: 2015 Clean Agents and Halon 1301, CO calculates hold time per NFPA  2001: 2004/2012/ 2015/ 2018  Enclosure Integrity Procedure. Features:   maximum allowable leakage calculation; produces graph of hold height vs. time; English or metric units; developed with the user in mind easy to use. Windows  XP, 7, 8.1, 10

Note: EIT Quick Test Intl. included with the TEC-2003-D1000 kit at no additional charge

For any  Windows  compatible laptop or standard computer. $1590.00
Compatible with all brands of enclosure integrity test equipment (call for details)
For owners of EIT Quick Test 2001:  $990.00
For owners of EIT Quick Test 2001 purchased after June 2013: no charge
No recurring licensing fees, one time purchase, upgrade charge after one year only with major change in code.
No technician restrictions


CAS-350  Padded, zippered Cordura Blower Door Fan, black  $  597.00

CAS-450  Pelican 1690  hard case for Blower Door Fan, foamed lined, black. $ call

CAS-576  Pelican V800 hard case for FST Special Door Frame and panel, all-weather design with  continuous “O” ring seal against water and dust. Heavy gauge molded hdpe with reinforced ribbing, six clamping latches and provision to add your padlock for security, black. Supplied with foam for internal padding.    $ call

CAS-780 Pelican V-550 hard case to hold gauges, manuals, hoses, speed controller and nylon frame cover with room for laptop computer and other documents. $call

Note: Our cases CAS-450, CAS-576 and CAS-780 are suitable for shipping the test kit from location to location by UPS or the airlines. 

TEC-2003-DFO  Double fan add on kit with one Minneapolis Model 3 Blower Door FAN with A,B, C, flow rings, blank off plate and speed controller,  DG-1000 digital gauge, double fan door frame cover, and NFPA calibration certificates $ call

Note: Prices and specifications subject to change. All sales subject to our standard terms and conditions.