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Water flow test equipment



Pitot Tube. The  most efficient method of measuring water discharge from hose nozzles, hydrants or other type open butts. Our pitot tubes are designed to allow a full flow, thus reducing friction loss to a minimum. The air chamber serves as a damper to hold the indicator needle steady for accurate readings. Construction is brass, copper chrome plated.(gauge not included)



NEM-005 New hex handled pitot tube, chrome plated brass with quick disconnect (m&f) and choice of molded step of plain blade, no gauge              

$ 94.95

NEM-006 New round handle, chrome plated brass with quick disconnect (m&f) and choice of molded step or plain blade, no gauge          $ 94.95



A. Standard Chrome plated metal blade


B. Plastic straight pitot blade


C. Plastic notched, stepped pitot blade

A. NEM-001-SB          $29.95


B. NEM-001-PSB      $ 14.95


C. NEM-001-PNB      $ 14.95



Inspector's Flow Nozzle. The uninterrupted flow through the 6" calibrated tube compensates for the varied configurations on the inside of the hydrant butt and reduces turbulence for an accurate reading. US Standard 7 1/2 TH/in


NEM-200                $ 94.95


Inspector's Flow Elbow. 45° Swiveling brass elbow for use with Inspector's Flow Nozzle allows stream to be directed away from landscaping or parked cars. Now in chrome plated brass. (Chrome elbow not illustrated)


NEM-206             $ 110.00


A. Hydrant Cap, 2 1/2" US Std thread, brass with 1/4 female connection

B. Hose Cap, 1 1/2" brass with 1/4" female connection

C. Faucet Cap, brass with 1/4" female connection

A. NEM-040           $ 49.95

B. NEM-050           $ 37.95

C. NEM-060           $ 9.85

For prices see: Water Flow Test Equipment Price List