FST Enclosure Integrity Test Kits


 DG-700 Digital Pressure / Flow Gauge

Developed and manufactured by The Energy Conservatory the DG-700 Digital Pressure / Flow Gauge is their latest development.  The combination of dual solid state, etched silicon pressure sensors and dual LCD display coupled with  digital processors, auto-zeroing and well designed and tested printed circuits provides unequaled precision and accuracy. In our use in the fire safety industry, the dual display showing both pressure and flow at the same time plus features like the display hold (freeze) make the DG-700 the ultimate, "dream" gauge.

  Resolution:  0.1PA  Accuracy:  1% of pressure reading

 Model 3 Blower Door Fan

  A precision engineered, calibrated fan by the Energy Conservatory  provides precise, stable flow measurements from 100 to 6300 cfm. Lightweight and rugged injected molded fan housing and solid state variable speed fan control. Each fan is calibrated at factory before shipment.

 FST  Special Door Frame and Panel

  “The innovative design of our adjustable aluminum frame and durable nylon panel is the result of years of refinements based on the experience of thousands of users. There is no easier way to seal a Blower Door into a door opening.” From the Energy Conservatory who have provided Fire Safety Technology with a special large frame to meet the requirements of the fire safety industry.  Snap together, extruded aluminum frame fits in compact case and sets up in seconds. The bright red nylon panel features a clear vinyl window allowing one to monitor activity outside the protected zone. Special design fits door openings from  29” to 48” wide and from 51”  to  94” high. Higher openings can be easily adapted and tested. 

FST Digital Enclosure Integrity Test Kit

  Everything necessary for the NFPA 2001 Enclosure Integrity Test. A complete package including the DG-3 Digital Pressure / Flow Gauge, the Model 3 Blower Door Fan with A, B and C flow rings, the FST Special Door Frame and Panel,  the EIT Quick Test 2001 software, detailed test manual, and SMP-350K Smoke Tube Kit. Add only, your choice of custom carrying cases from our selection. 

FST Enclosure Integrity Test Procedure Training

  Fire Safety Technology provides training and on going support for our customers. Training is usually done at the customers location, part at the customers office and part on site. This allows for hands on training of several technicians at a minimum cost and loss of work time. There is a nominal charge for time and expenses, please call for a quotation. Fire Safety Technology prides itself in the support it gives to its customers often long after the original sale. We often field questions coming directly from technicians on site having problems with a test.

 For Prices see:  FST Enclosure Integrity Test Equipment Price List