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" Great software at a good price"


FPE Software, Inc. is a new generation company bringing the latest in software to the fire safety industry. Young, professional fire engineers using today's technology to develop efficient, easy to use, value priced software.


"THE" Sprinkler Program 2001

The original "THE" Sprinkler Program was developed as an response to overpriced and underdeveloped software on the market. The program was recently rewritten as "THE" Sprinkler Program 2001, a Windows® based program. The new program takes advantage of the Windows® environment for ease of use and incorporated a number of upgrades and new features. The development team is continually upgrading and tweaking the program to maintain maximum usability with all supported operating systems.

“THE” Sprinkler Program has been reviewed and is used by sprinkler contractors, fire protection engineers in the the fields on Insurance, Nuclear Power, Consulting and Government and has been proven to be a well rounded balanced program that offers flexibility and ease of use unmatched by any other sprinkler hydraulics program.

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Fire Pump Evaluation Program 2002

The Fire Pump Evaluation Program 2002 again was developed by the same fire protection engineers who were at that time in the field conducting fire pump test on a daily basis. The program streamlines the fire pump test process: combining a pump performance calculation routine, curve drawing, database and a report generator. Like "THE" Sprinkler Program 2002 the Fire Pump Evaluation Program 2002 has be recently rewritten as a Windows® program.

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